Tsui Design And Research

Since 1990, students and professionals from around the world have come to study with Dr. Eugene Tsui in the special learning environment he creates and develops with them.
Former students from nearly every major continent of the world; from the picturesque oceanic horizons of the Azores Islands to the dusty urban density of Gujrat, India; from the alpine forests of Kalinin, Russia to the sweltering jungles of Comayaguela, Honduras. Individuals make their way from China, Japan, Korea, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico and many other countries to work with Tsui Design. It is our great honor that over 350 eager designers, craftspersons, scientists and educators have come to study at TDR, Inc., gracing us with their brilliance and talents.

Tsui Design & Research, Inc. also invites and hosts experienced professionals. These professionals, including architects from NASA and research scientists from major American and European universities, can engage in educational internships.